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About Us

Mission and Philosophy

We started this firm to help people. Really help them. Life is full of surprises, and for every up, sometimes there is a down. We are no stranger to those times. We are here like a lantern in a thunderstorm, guiding you through the down times, helping to turn things around.

How Do We Do It?

By listening to you, to get to the heart of the situation, and apply the appropriate legal framework to get the best possible results for your unique needs. Everyone wants to be heard and to be understood. We find out what you need, lend our voices to yours, and figure out a way to make it happen for you.

Our Story & Services

We had non-legal careers prior to becoming lawyers, and both Mark and Ryan hold MBA degrees in addition to law degrees. We understand that often times the business of being human is difficult to fit inside a box, and we work hard to help you move between and beyond boundaries to craft a representation that fits your needs.

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