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Bankruptcy is based on the idea of a “fresh start.” There is a point where people deserve to be free of their debts more than a creditor has a right to collect. Bankruptcy is Federal Law and appears in the US Constitution.

Chapter 7: The "Liquidation"

In a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, the goal is for you to keep most of your possessions, and to get rid of most of your debts. Often times, we can keep ALL of your possessions, and get rid of ALL of your debts. If you qualify, we will use exemptions under the Bankruptcy Code to keep your belongings outside of the Bankruptcy Estate, and then use the Bankruptcy Discharge to make your creditors go away. Its a lot like hitting the “POW” button in a video game. Not sure if you qualify? Call us today for a free consultation, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Chapter 13: "The Wage Earner"

In a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the goal is for you to keep most of your possessions, but to pay off at least a portion of your debts over time. This can be pretty complex, with 3 year and 5 year payment plans, and with monthly payments that can grow or shrink based upon your debt and income. In some ways, this would feel similar to a debt consolidation in that you may end up paying less per month in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy than you do now to cover your debts each month, with some important differences. Want to hear more? Interested in finding out what your monthly plan payment could be? Call us today for a free consultation.

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